Biofilm is a thin and sturdy layer of one or more types of microorganisms that may have attached on living or non living surfaces. This 3D structure is held together by an extracellular polymeric substance. Free swimming bacteria attach to the surface by releasing extracellular polymeric substance. This helps it in binding to other cell surfaces also and making matrix. The biofilms are known to be responsible for the spread of virulence factors and antibiotic resistance markers leading to persistent infections. This approach aims to assess novel methods for the treatment of biofilm induced ailments.


Brief description of the tool available on the webserver for the prediction of biofilm inhibitory property:

The user can submit the query in the form of SDF or CID of the input molecule. The next step is, making a choice of the model to be used. After calculation of the desciptor or fingerprints of the input molecule, it is then categorized on the basis of its property of biofilm inhibition using Machine Learning.