16S Classifier
Fast and Accurate Taxonomic Classification of 16S rRNA Sequences

'16S Classifier' is a Random Forest based tool which is developed to carry out fast, efficient and accurate taxonomic classification of 16S rRNA sequences. It has the unique ability to classify small Hypervariable Regions of 16S rRNA.
Input can be complete 16S rRNA gene or a selected Hypervariable Region or a combination of multiple Hypervariable Regions.

16S Classifier Usage

The input file must be single line nucleotide sequences in fasta format with a '.fasta' extension and the primers should be removed from the sequences before submission. Select the appropriate 16S region from the drop down menu.


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16S Region

How to cite:

Chaudhary N, Sharma AK, Agarwal P, Gupta A, Sharma VK (2015):16S Classifier: A Tool for Fast and Accurate Taxonomic Classification of 16S rRNA Hypervariable Regions in Metagenomic Datasets. PLoS ONE, 10(1): e0116106.

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